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A Nightmare on Elm Street 1

This is the First of the Nightmare Series. In this movie, starring Heather Langenkemp and Robert Englund, a circle of friends begins having in common dreams of a man in a dirty red and green sweater, with a puke-green hat. Not long after, the group realizes that their dreams are much, much more. After the Death of her best friend, Tina, and Tina's boyfriend, Rob, Nancy and her boyfriend devise a plan to kill Krueger. Although the plan doesn't come to work with the death of her boyfriend, Nancy still manages to get rid of Krueger, after losing her mother. Freddy comes back at the end by breakingthrough the glass of the front door and grabbing Nancy's mom and pulling her through the glass. You should definetly see this.

Director: Wes Craven

NightMare 2, Freddy's Revenge

In this movie, a young man and his family have bought a house (hint, hint, Nancy's old house) and it is not long before the man realizes that this was the house where Nancy lived and what had happened on that same street. He starts having the dreams and he soon realizes that Krueger is using his body to kill people. Although I do not like the way they get rid of Freddy in this movie, there are some cool deaths and catch lines. If you are interested in Freddy, or you like horror movies, but get scared easily, you should see this. Otherwise, don't bother.

NightMare 3, The Dream Warriors

This movie is arguably the best movie of the nightmare series. It starts out with Kristen building a popsicle tick replica of nancy's old house, torn and rotten. She soon falls asleep and in one of the Dreams. In the dream, she looks in the mirror and the mirror and the faucet turn into Freddy. Freddy slashes Kristen's wrists. Kristen wakes up as her mom walks in. It looks as though Kristen has tried to kill herself. Her mom takes her to a sleep deprivation place, where she meets Kincad, Joey, Jennifer and the rest of the gang. She goes bonkers after they try to give her a sleep shot and she starts signing the '1,2 Freddy's comin for you' song, when Nancy walks in and comforts her. In this movie, these children find their 'Dream Powers' to help them fight Freddy. They kill Freddy in this one by burying his bones in the junkyard. I was surprised to see that Nancy dies in it. This one is another must see.

NightMare 4 The Dream Master

This is another of the arguable favorites. This movie has the greatest start of a movie. When Kristen starts having weird dreams again, but with no Freddy, she gets scared. Kincaid has a weird dream in which he sees his dog in he Junkyard. His dog pees fire and un-buries Freddy. Immediatly, Kincaid throws a car on him and thinks he killed him. WRONG! Instead, Freddy comes back and kills Kincaid. Then, Freddy kills Joey and Kristen, but before Kristen dies, she gives her powers to Alice. Alice goes on to kill Freddy in this one by showing him his reflection in a mirror. This movie has some really great catch phrases and some cool deaths. This is yet another must-see.

NightMare 5 The Dream Child

This Nightmare isn't the best Nightmare, but it is good. It starts out with Alice having a baby, and Krueger claims it and starts feeding it souls when the baby is still in Alice's stomach. Alice starts having dreams of the baby (Jacob) as a todler. Because Alice hasn't been taking good care of herself, (drugs, etc) Jacob continues telling Alice that his mommy doesnt love him. Soon, Alice realizes that the baby is hers. The killings start up again and it comes to a showdown in a church at the end. Freddy grabs Alice and she is all but dead when Amanda Krueger (Freddy's mom) tells Jacob to use what Freddy gave him against Freddy. Jacob looks at Freddy and uses the souls Freddy gave him and throws them at Freddy in a source of energy. This energy hits Freddy and then shrinks him into a baby, when Amanda takes Freddy and puts him back in her stomach. She can barely get the doors closed when Freddy rips through her stomach, hencing a sequel.

NightMare 6 Freddys Dead

This is the Final Nightmare (so far) of the original Freddy. In this movie, a John Doe wakes up in a town called Spring Wood. He doesnt remember where he is or who he is. The cops pick him up and take him to a local children's boarding school/hospital. There we meet Spencer, Tracy, and another boy (sorry, Im having memory lapses right now, I cant remember the names for the people in this one). Anyway, John Doe starts having the dreams and he soon starts to think he is Freddy's son. NOT! He gets in a dream with Freddy and he tells Freddy that he knows, then Freddy kills him. It turns out that Freddy's child is not a son, but a daughter ( I can't remember her name either). Then, she brings Freddy into the real world, stabs him a bunch of times, then shoves a pipe bomb into his chest. Although this isn't the best of the movies, you should definetly see it because it has a lot of really cool stuff in it.

NightMare 7 New Nightmare

In this, the last of the Nightmare Series (until Jason vs. Freddy next November), it is acted like all the previous movies were actually movies and this one is real life. Heather Langenkemp returns and is asked to make one more movie by Wes Craven. Soon she starts getting weird phone calls from someone sounding like Freddy. Dillan, her child, says he is seeing a 'mean man with claws' when he sleeps. The deaths start up again with a darker Freddy and he is after Heather because she was the first one to kill him in the movies. The movie goes on and they end up in Freddy's lair. Heather and Dillan trap Freddy in a boiler and burn him to death. This movie is good but you really shouldn't see it unless you are fimiliar with some of the other Nightmare movies.
Director: Wes Craven

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