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12chalk.jpg 28K Dont 4get 2 dot ur i's and cross ur t's
3demons1.jpg 27K Da 1ns who gave Freddy his powers!
3demons2.jpg 16K The Dream Deamons Flying
3demons3.jpg 18K Evil shall see itself and evil shall die!
amanda.jpg 14K Freddy's Mom, Amanda Krueger
bloodbed.jpg 14K The fountain of youth?
cheffred.jpg 17K Dat's a spicy meatball
chest.jpg 11K Oh, that would hurt
chest2.jpg 20K Come and get Him, Bitch
child.jpg 14K Children look so innocent
child2.jpg 15K Son of a Hundred Maniacs!
claw.jpg 16K Closeup of Da Claw
claw2.gif 10K THE CLAW!
cross.jpg 14K A working of the KKK?
dead.jpg 19K Backdraft!
drawblood.jpg 24K Blood type?
dreamdrive.jpg 19K Metal head!
drsuess.jpg 16K Dr. Krueger, ER stat!
dying.jpg 16K RIP, Freddy
dying2.jpg 21K Freddy burning with dream demons
eat.jpg 16K That's a mouthful
elmst1.gif 15K Movie box for 1
elmst2.gif 8K Movie box for 2
elmst3.gif 8K Movie box for 3
elmst4.jpg 9K Movie box for 4
elmst5.jpg 11K Movie Box for 5
elmst6.gif 25K Movie box for 6
face.jpg 17K Profile 2
face2.jpg 14K Profile 2
faking.jpg 15K Freddy playing Opossum
forever.jpg 26K Freddy working the runway
fred.jpg 18K Strike a Pose
fred2.jpg 14K A Picture of Freddy
fxclaw.jpg 26K The effects claw used in Nightmare 7
game.jpg 21K Freddy's Game
gethigh.jpg 16K Shot up lately?
glove.jpg 20K Dont Leave nething behind
grab.jpg 13K Freddy and Jason's First Encounter
heart.jpg 17K I left my heart in San Fransisco
holywater.jpg 16K Freddy showing off half da peace sign
house.jpg 26K It takes a villian to raise a child
house2.jpg 25K SOLD!
kidnap.jpg 19K Hey, mister, kidnapping is against the law
killer.jpg 10K Freddy at da Burner
kkrueger.jpg 21K Fits better than OJ's
lair.jpg 13K Freddy's Welcome Mat
lair2.jpg 17K Freddy's Residence
lastbrat.jpg 16K Its a showdown!
learning.jpg 22K Learning is FUUUN with Freddy.
mom.jpg 19K Got Labor Pains?
newfred.jpg 18K The New Freddy
newfred2.jpg 14K Yet another Picture of Da new Freddy
newwall.jpg 14K He's only marking his Territory!
onfire.jpg 22K Freddy Filet
quote.jpg 8K A quote of Freddy from nightmare 6
realclaw.jpg 6K A Bloodsoaked Claw
scared.jpg 12K Freddy, Frightened????
sheets.jpg 14K The New GLove ripping through the bed
sign.jpg 22K Welcome to SpringWood
skateboard.jpg 18K Freddy as a Poser
skeleton.jpg 13K Freddy's Skeleton
slice.jpg 22K There are OTHER ways to open your locker
stuck.jpg 18K How Sweet, A Pic Of Freddy
superfred.jpg 16K Super Freddy against Punisher
superfred2.jpg 13K Super Freddy Cackling
tongue.jpg 12K No one hears you scream when you can't breathe
tracym1.jpg 16K Wes Craven's Daughter 1
tracym2.jpg 15K Wes Craven's Daughter in shower
tracym3.jpg 17K Wes Craven's Daughter 3
tv.jpg 17K Welcome to Prime Time Bitch
water.jpg 16K Freddy's Rendition of Peter Benchley's Jaws
water2.jpg 12K Freddy Taking A Bath
weights.jpg 22K Here's a real workout
youflunk.jpg 20K Naughty, Naughty, Sleeping in class.

All pictures New Line Cinema