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allalone.wav 8K "Now Yourre all alone!"
appetite.wav 11K "Bon Appetite, Bitch!"
babies.wav 15K "Hey Alice, wanna make babies?"
believe.wav 20K "I Don't believe in you!; "I believe in you! "
blood.wav 11K "I wanna draw Some Blood!"
cantfight.wav 14K "You can't fight me, Im him!"
chair.wav 10K "Its the chair for you, kid"
checkin.wav 17K "You can check in, but you can't check out!"
comics.wav 15K "I told ya comic Books were bad for ya!"
crazy.wav 17K "Is she delicious, or am I crazy?"
die.wav 7K "DIE!"
drseuss.wav 16K "krueger!" "Well it ain't Dr. Seuss"
elm.wav 17K "Every town has an Elm Street!"
elmtheme.wav 20K The nightmare theme song that rocks!
eternal.wav 7K "I.... AM.... ETERNAL!"
family.wav 7K "Any Family Resembelance?"
finga.wav 8K "Freakin A"
food.wav 12K "If the food dont kill ya, the service will HAHAHA"
fredalmo.wav 12K "Almost there!"
gate.wav 17K "I've been guarding my gate for a long time Bitch"
havseat.wav 20K "You look Tired, have a seat"
screech.wav 6K Freddy's Screeching Gloves

All sounds New Line Cinema